With a focus on spare parts and services, Pradman Engineering has developed a strong reputation in the steel industry as a high quality supplier to all the major steel plants. Coupled with in-house manufacturing capabilities for spare parts, Pradman Engineering has developed relationships with a high quality global supply chain in order to be able to provide a complete range of services to steel rolling mills in India and S. E. Asia.

Supply chain partners of Pradman Engineering for the Steel Industry:

Partners Products
Atomat (Italy) Roll Grinding & Notching Machines
Automatic Valve ( France) Furnace Valves
Dorrenberg (Germany) Special Steel Casting for Straightening and Forming Roll
Ficep (Italy) Machines for Structural Steel Fabrication
Generica ( Germany) Strapping Heads, Spares & Consumables
Innerspec (USA) UT Inspection for BU & WR Rolls
Inoxihp (Italy) Descaling Systems, Water Pumps
Lazzari (Italy) Cold Carbide Sawing Machines For Rails, Pipes and Billets
Nextsense (Germany) In-line Dimensional & Surface Inspection
OG Technologies (USA) Online Surface Defect Detection System for Wire Rod and Bar Mills
Renk (Germany) Spindle Couplings
Tecnomagnete (Italy) Electro Permanent Magnetic Lifting System
Toledo (USA) Tonnage Monitoring System For Presses
Wichmann (Germany) Cardan Shafts & Universal Spindles
UMECC (USA) Metallurgical Equipment to Steel Melding Shops and Spare Parts for Flat Rolling Mills
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